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Lucky Cat Tea Company is a loose leaf tea brand I created for my senior thesis. The exhibition focused on branding, packaging and 3D fabrication. The boxes and branding booklet were printed on cardstock at the Buffalo State Design and Print Center, then laser cut at the Buffalo State 3D Fabrication Lab.

This project is dedicated to my tortishelle cat Mia, who passed away suddenly in 2022, weeks before I began working on the project. Her likeness is immortalized in the Lucky Cat logo, from her chipped ear to the star in the center of her forehead.

The project’s art direction is heavily inspired by retro print designs and fonts. I wanted to create a brand that would stick out from typical tea packaging designs. Most tea brands have a delicate, rustic style. The Lucky Cat brand is as bold, vivid, funky and most importantly fun! The packaging patterns and color palettes were carefully chosen to visually embody each flavor. I even went so far as to make 70’s inspired playlists based on each flavor. You can listen to them here!

Branding Brief Booklet