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Fallout New Vegas Vintage Book Covers

Fallout New Vegas has one of the most iconic soundtracks in video game history. As you navigate the wastelands of post-nuclear Nevada, radio personality Mr. New Vegas (Wayne Newton) DJs “Radio New Vegas.” The station plays a collection of Mid-Century classics made popular by icons such as Dean Martin, Peggy Lee, and Mary Robbins. The bright and cheerful arrangements provide a delicious juxtaposition against the hostile nuclear landscape.

One of the central themes in New Vegas is the concept of “Old World Blues”, which refers to an unhealthy obsession with the old world. With this project, my goal was to combine my personal experience with “Old World Blues” and the New Vegas soundtrack.

Growing up in the 90s, surrounded by a family of devout readers, I was exposed to a wide range of 20th century book design. My mom always had a novel on her bedside table and a bookshelf lined with pulp dramas, horror ficiton, early Tolkien works, celebrity biographies, and textbooks from the 70’s. It was impossible not to study and admire the big, bold typography choices, the hand painted illustrations, and the early computer rendred photos and graphics on every book cover.

Today, familiar book designs of the 20th century have been thrown away in exchange for minimalist “corpo art.” The lack of passion and drama that was once present in mainstream book design seems to be gone for good. It feels as though an important part of my past is being erased in favor of serile, inoffensive typography and graphics. This exercise in vintage book design came straight from the heart, blending personal nostalgia with a life-long appreciation for 20th century graphic design.