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Remedy “Treat Me Like That” Single Artwork

My client, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter “Remedy” (Shannon McMahon), asked me to design digital artwork for her 2021 single “Treat Me Like That”. We brainstormed about what kind of imagery Shannon wanted, and what her vision was for the layout. Shannon made it clear from the beginning that she didn’t want her face on the album. Shannon asked me to use a chrysanthemum photo and play around with dreamy filters and textures. As for the text, Shannon asked that only the title appear on the artwork, and that part of it was illegible. The result harmonized with Shannon’s vision and musical style.

Size variations + Spotify Mockup

Remedy EP Album Artwork Re-Design

Remedy (Shannon McMahon) is an indie singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. In 2018, she became my first client when I designed her self-titled EP. Two years later, I wanted to give the design a face lift. My client asked for album artwork that was pink and punchy. Knowing Shannon personally, I designed the album artwork to reflect her personality as well as her music. The hot pink color palette juxtaposed with the calligraphic display font gives the album a bold but sweet feel, and is visually accurate to Remedy’s musical style.


CD Jacket: Back +Front
CD Jacket: Inside
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This interview was conducted by me in 2021 when I re-designed the album artwork. I strayed from the typical hot pink palette, utilizing photos from a different shoot and a more intimate color palette. The calligraphic display font was carried over in order to establish continuity between the interview and the album artwork.

Magazine Layout