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Masquerade Venezia

For this project, I was asked to make promotional material for an event. I chose a masked ball held annually in Venice, Italy, and changed the name to Masquerade Venezia. The event’s logo was inspired by 18th-century calligraphic monograms. The vibrant color palette reflects the event’s elegant and vivacious atmosphere.

Promotional Posters
Landing Page

Lucky Cat Tea Co.

Lucky Cat Tea Company is a loose leaf tea brand that I created for my senior exhibition. The exhibition focused on branding, packaging and 3D fabrication. The tea packaging and branding brief booklet were printed on cardstock and then cut on a laser cutter. I also designed and fabricated the vinyl for the deliverables.

Branding Brief Booklet




The London Lantern Hotel

The London Lantern Hotel is a rebranding project for The Lonsdale Hotel in London. My goal was to turn Lonsdale into a reputable hotel brand. I chose art deco elements to reinforce the new brand’s elegant and clean visual identity. The black and gold color palette is meant to represent day and night, implying that the hotel is a place you can check into at any time.

Hotel Exterior Signage
Sub Identity: Black and Gold Bistro
Sub Identity Logo
Sub Identity Monogram Logo
Ad Campaign